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Yan Loong Legend 2:3rd Impact

The Impossible Game

Fish Life

Mario vs. Boo

Sticky Stuff

Take me to the Disco

Ski Runner

Pingu Slide

Crazy Blocks

Crazy Taxi biz

Born To Be Fast

Wild Wild Taxi

Hack Visual
Crazy Ape
Attempt to survive 15 levels of fast paced platform action in the world of the Crazy Ape. This game is a side-scrolling platformer. Unlike traditional platformers, Crazy Ape does not require the player to navigate through platforms to find a way through. The key gameplay feature here is survival. The player must survive by avoiding, or shooting enemies.
Category: Shooting | Source: Crazy Ape | Plays: 20268 | Score: 5.0000

Crazy Blocks
Click on the green square and it becomes your cursor. Move your cursor to avoid collision with the moving blocks
Category: Strategy | Source: Crazy Blocks | Plays: 8475 | Score: 5.0000

Block Bash
Collect green blocks and dodge red ones in this addicting arcade game.
Category: Action | Source: Block Bash | Plays: 5413 | Score: 5.0000

Lunar Escape
Lunar Escape, A retro remix of lunar lander with an escape game twist.
Category: Other | Source: Lunar Escape | Plays: 4296 | Score: 5.0000

Clock Day Aftermath
You are StrawberryClock after Clock Day, use the mouse to dodge the spammy entries from Clock Day. Music by David Firth
Category: Other | Source: Clock Day Aftermath | Plays: 3931 | Score: 5.0000

Stick Avalanche 2
Highly anticipated sequel! Better graphics, better music, better levels, and coop/verses multiplayer mode.
Category: Action | Source: Stick Avalanche 2 | Plays: 18207 | Score: 4.0000

Ice Fall
a fun and simple arcade style game, dodge the ice how long can YOU last?
Category: Action | Source: Ice Fall | Plays: 14570 | Score: 4.0000

Naruto Meatball Tank
Choji turns into a ball and tries to run you over. You must dodge him at all cost and try to wear him down, with you darts and special moves.
Category: Action | Source: Naruto Meatball Tank | Plays: 14263 | Score: 4.0000

Robba Man
Robba Man - Rob banks without getting caught
Category: Action | Source: Robba Man | Plays: 12308 | Score: 4.0000

Machete Chamber
Dodge knives while answering questions in this insane and twisted game show!
Category: Action | Source: Machete Chamber | Plays: 11490 | Score: 4.0000

Cut the golden parachutes and recover as much money as you can from the wall street fat cats!
Category: Action | Source: Bailout | Plays: 11464 | Score: 4.0000

Dodge Stuff
Life on a construction site is hard. When it gets windy lot's of stuff comes falling down. I'm afraid your hard hat isn't enough to protect you, dodge that stuff! Dodge Stuff is a fast-paced and very accessible avoider game. It sets itself apart from avoider games with its (optional) webcam functionality and power-ups. The game saves your high-score so you can come back later to have another go at it.
Category: Other | Source: Dodge Stuff | Plays: 7534 | Score: 4.0000

Hungry Blocks
Try to eat the smaller (green) blocks and avoid the bigger (red) ones!
Category: Action | Source: Hungry Blocks | Plays: 6501 | Score: 4.0000

Block Out
A simple game where you use the cursor to navigate, dodging flying circles and your own trail. You gain lives every so often, and score by moving.
Category: Action | Source: Block Out | Plays: 6071 | Score: 4.0000

Bowser Ball
Mario Vs Bowser. Mario must dodge the constant attack of Bowser for as long as possible to achieve the highest score!
Category: Action | Source: Bowser Ball | Plays: 5931 | Score: 4.0000

Box Buncher
Fly your box around the screen attempting to dodge the bad blocks, aim for the boosts, and collect bonus points in this addicting and original physics based puzzler.
Category: Action | Source: Box Buncher | Plays: 5851 | Score: 4.0000

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